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Cadets raised $6,094.82 in total over the weekend,Previous Tagging Stat's will show our Cadet Attendance and Comparison between Fall & Spring and We out shined once again. We had a total of 14 cadets per shift,Three Cadets who signed up for the weekend didn't show up...Plus three who didn't sign up,Some of them with valid reason's but lacked in Communication.

As we all well know we have Cadet strength of only 22 Cadets and hope we can at least add a dozen or more !!!

Follow-up calls were done by the officers/Lewis on every shift to ensure every cadet showed up as per sign up sheet.

A huge applause to our support team of Marcos ,Lynn & Sandra and our officers who did such a amazing work in counting and balancing our books.Can't forget our parent volunteers who drove our Cadets to their tagging locations.

As a Chairperson,ensured we had enough Parents to drive our Cadet's to their location and back,Cadet's were well fed & Hydrated and at the end making sure our LHQ was in ship shape.(Garbage & Recycling )

Gino's Pizza & Mr Sub once again showed there support.

Chaudiere Team,As always thanks for your time, support and dedication.

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