For those cadets that are returning to the corps, you’re already very much aware of what awaits you – another year full of challenge, and striving to develop our personnel and programs to a whole new level of excellence. In addition to the very successful Sea Cadet, Sailing and Seamanship programs. For our new members, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey into self discovery. This program is not for everyone – and your success is entirely in your own hands. Speaking as a former cadet, and having witnessed hundreds of cadets pass through the program as an officer, I can guarantee you that if you’re willing to learn and commit yourself to the experience of being a cadet, you will do and accomplish things you never thought yourself capable of. Give the program a full training year and a summer’s worth of your time, and you’ll be hooked. At the end of your career you’ll look back and be amazed at what you will have accomplished. I encourage parents and guardians of new cadets to stop by the unit to observe a training night, but also especially to meet and get involved with our sponsoring association, the Chaudiere Branch of the Navy League of Canada, made up of parents of cadets who support Chaudière programs and operational needs through their volunteer efforts to organize and operate our recruiting and fund raising efforts. The corps has big goals for this year and the years to come, so we’ll need the support of parents in addition to the commitment of your cadets in order to accomplish them. A final thought – it is entirely true that the cadet programs are free of financial cost for membership, and is also true that the vast majority of our programs are free from financial expense to the cadets and their families, but there are still costs involved. Not only will cadets be expected to engage in occasional fund raising activities in support of the programs, but there are additional costs in terms of dedication, commitment and perseverance. If a cadet wishes to gain opportunities for career advancement, chances to attend summer training, ship deployments, international exchange, or to earn staff cadet employment opportunities, they must develop these personal qualities as very little is simply `handed` to a cadet if they do not demonstrate abilities. RCSCC CHAUDIERE is truly fortunate to have a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated staff, sponsoring association, and a group of cadets who strive to prove that they can accomplish most any challenge placed before them, and usually do so. That being said, this training year will once again see CHAUDIERE move the bar even higher for our cadets – and I’m very confident the cadets shall deliver. Enjoy your year, Remember you’ll get everything out of the program you’re willing to put into it. Ready, Aye, Ready
Lieutenant (Navy) Monika Hannon

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