Physical Training


The Assessment is comprised of 5 parts, which are designed to evaluate cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, and flexibility. These tests include:
  • 20 meter shuttle run test (cardiovascular)
  • push-ups (muscular strength)
  • sit-ups (muscular strength)
  • back saver sit and reach (flexibility)
  • shoulder stretch (flexibility)


Criteria for each level differs according to age and gender and there are 4 achievement levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Excellence. The overall achievement or incentive level is based on the level achieved in each section. The lowest incentive level of the push-ups, sit-ups, back saver sit and reach, and the shoulder stretch is dropped and the final level is based on the lowest of the remaining four.

A high standard of physical fitness is a requirement for many advanced training courses and exchanges. To safely and effectively complete training, it is important that cadets be fit and healthy. Before applying for certain courses and exchanges, cadets may be required to achieve a certain level on the Cadet Fitness Assessment.

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